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Stamping Dies

Progressive Dies

Spectra Premium specializes in medium and large progressive dies. Internally, our high-capacity 1500T Ram is able to process up to five meters tools weighing 65,000 lbs. To accelerate overall lead times, we created internal templates, casting construction or plate dies using lifter racks assemblies or rails.

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In accordance with our Customer needs and project requirements, the Spectra Premium Tool Shop leverages its experience with each of type of dies.

Transfer Dies

Our goal is to create the most robust design considering the automation of the transfer system. Over the years, we integrated many lessons learned in the construction of transfer dies. To ensure the most competitive stroke per minute for our customers, we mastered the environment surrounding the grippers versus tooling. Our linear transfer system allows for the ultimate simulation of home line.

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Line Dies

When confronted with large products, our tool shop can build your series of line dies that are too big for a single press. Our facility is able to process of individual casted operations with our high-capacity press up to 65,000 lbs.