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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if you make the part that I need?

The best way to find the right part for your vehicle is to go to our online catalog. Use either the vehicle search (year, make, model, sub-model) or the VIN search with the 17-character alphanumeric code at the bottom of your windshield and your licences. If you still can’t find the part, you may contact our customer support.

2. May I purchase an aftermarket part directly from Spectra Premium?

We only distribute our parts to our commercial clients; we do not sell parts directly to consumers or to automotive workshops. If you wish to open a commercial account, you may fill this form and we will contact you. If you wish to purchase one of our aftermarket parts, you may find an online store or use our where-to-buy feature to find customers near you.

3. Where do we find the price for your products?

Spectra only sells its parts to commercial accounts who then offer them to the market based on their own criteria. You may find Spectra resellers with the where-to-buy feature or look for our parts online. If you want to become a commercial client, fill this short form and we will contact you.

4. Where are your parts manufactured?

We manufacture all OEM parts and our tooling in Canada, either at Boucherville or Quebec City. For the aftermarket, many undercar parts (such as fuel tanks and oil pans) and cooling parts (such as radiators and heavy-duty radiators) are design and manufactured in Boucherville, while the electric components in engine management are designed and manufactured by the Spectra team at Taiwan. To guarantee the full-line coverage on all the product lines, we also deal with overseas partners.

5. Where is your head office located?

We are located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada. We also operate factories in Taiwan and Quebec City, as well as several warehouses in Canada and a central warehouse in Greenfield, Indiana for the U.S. market. Find more details on the company page.

6. What is the process to return a Spectra part?

If you purchased a part at a retailer, an online store or any other parts store, please communicate with them directly with a copy of you bill. If you are one of Spectra’s commercial account, please contact our customer service who will walk you through the return process. You will require a return number from us before being able to send us a part.

7. Do you offer the same parts to the American and Canadian markets?

Since May 2020, there’s a difference between our aftermarket offer in Canada and in the United States. Spectra offers the same aftermarket product lines as before to the Canadian market.

In the United States and Latin America, Spectra offers the majority of its product lines including undercar, engine management, heavy-duty and classic parts, as well as radiators. Fuel delivery parts (like fuel pumps) are no longer available. On the electronic catalog, parts that are only available to the Canadian market are identified with a maple leaf. Find the full list of parts here.

8. How may I make a project request for OEM automotive, industrial, electric or tooling?

For all these projects, you simply have to fill the contact form under “Request a quote or become an OEM / Tooling client (OEM Sales)”. Our business development and engineering team will contact you to determine the specific requirements of your project.

On the other hand, if you wish to replace or repair a custom part, please contact our aftermarket sales team under “Open an account as a Spectra customer (Aftermarket Sales)” of our contact form.